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Tabletop unit-Array Conference Unit RX-A5D

The delegate unit enables the participants to listen and speak effectively. The participants can control the speech of the conference unit through the switch button. Working with the high-speed camera, it can realize the automatic video tracking function. In addition, the unit has common functions for meetings such as voting, check-in, and response.

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  • Ø  Adopt RESTMOMENT digital conference technology, compliant to IEC60065 international standard.

    Ø  Super directional microphone array pickup technology, super-pointing, ultra-long-distance pickup. The pickup distance is over 80cm.

    Ø  Streamlined appearance and tabletop design, simple and elegant.

    Ø  Digital audio processing and transmission technology. The sound quality of long-distance transmission will not be attenuated. And the distance between devices can reach 150 meters.

    Ø  Built-in channel selector, can receive 8/16/32/64 languages. And it can show the channel number.

    Ø  The unit is a passive device, powered by the conference controller. The input voltage is 24V, which is a safe range.

    Ø  The unit has superior resistance to mobile phone interference.

    Ø  The unit has a speaking indication function.

    Ø  Through system controller, it has 2 voting models:
        ●  Voting model: Agree/ Oppose/ Abstain. Setup pass rate.
        ●  Selection model: One from two; One from three; Two from three models.

    Ø  Conference unit is connected by 2 meters 6 pin shielded cable. It greatly reduces the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the wire

    Ø  The unit is connected by hand in hand for easy installation and maintenance.

    Ø  The system has “live plugging” function

    Ø  Each unit has an arbitrary assigned ID address for easy installation and avoiding duplicate ID addresses.

    Ø  Four microphone working modes:
        ●  Quantity limit mode: 1 to 6 units allowed to be opened at the same time
        ●  FIFO mode: After reaching the limit quantity, the last open unit covers the earliest open unit
        ●  Application for speaking mode: All delegates unit are rejected or approved by the executive chairman unit.
        ●  Free discussion mode: Allow all conference units to open at the same time

    Ø  Working with camera, video tracking can be realized by preset

    Ø  The camera image can be tracked by setting to display the situation at the conference site in real time.

    Ø  The chairman unit has the“priority” to speak. Also it can mute all the speaking units.

    Ø  The system supports 80 chairman units at the same time. One of them can be designated as the executive chairman.

    Ø  The chairman unit also has the following conference control functions:
        ●  Have the priority of speaking
        ●  It can cut off the speaking delegate unit and can fully control the order of the meeting.
        ●  Can reject or approve the delegate's speaking application.
        ●  There is no limitation for connection position of the chairman unit. And it can be connected in series anywhere on the line.
        ●  You can connect many chairman units in a system.

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    • Tabletop unit-Array Conference Unit
  • Model RX-A5D Series
    Unit type Tabletop Chairman/Delegate unit
    Capacity Depends on system controller,≤4096
    Frequency respond 18—20KHz (Human voice golden frequency respond)
    MIC type Capacitive
    Pickup distance ≥80cm
    SNR 110dB
    Dynamic Range 110dB
    Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%
    Working power 24DC
    Max power consumption 1.2W
    Control type RS-485
    ID Edit Assigned by system controller
    Connection mode Hand in hand
    Connector RJ45×2
     Voting 3 keys voting 
     Interpretation 8/16/32/64 
    Auto video tracking function Yes
    Weight 0.6KG
    Dimension 226x75x58mm
    Color Black, Silver or Golden
    Installation Tabletop
  • Tabletop unit-Digital Conference Speaking Unit RX-A2





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