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Interpretation Booth RX-2W916PA

Comply with ISO4043 standard design.Square modular design for easy packing and quick installation. Magnetic assembly, flexible operation.

Номер продукта:RX-2W916PA


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  • Ø Comply with ISO4043 standard design.

    Ø Square modular design for easy packing and quick installation.

    Ø Magnetic assembly, flexible operation.

    Ø The door is designed to be open in any direction.

    Ø It uses professional sound insulation and sound-absorbing materials. It can isolate external sound, and absorb the sound reverberation in the interpretation booth.

    Ø Adopt anti-static and flame retardant material.

    Ø Arbitrary combination of one, two, three, four and other multi-person translation rooms

    Ø There are windows on the front and both sides, which is convenient for observing the speakers

    Ø Ventilation system adopts low-noise and silent exhaust fan, indoor background noise ≤40dB

    Ø The weighted sound insulation of the wall is greater than 18Db (1KHz)

    Ø Interpretation booth size (L* W* H: 2m *2m *2m)

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