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Full digital infrared language distribution system-Full digital 16-channel infrared transmitter host RX-M1016XP

Digital 16-channel infrared transmitter is the core of the host Restmoment digital infrared language distribution system, which has a digital or analog audio input interface, support for simultaneous input 16 unbalanced audio signal, and infrared simultaneous interpretation system meets the IEC61603-7 standard compatible, it can be used interchangeably. Five-way navigation via the front panel keyboard, with 2.8 inches LCD display, can be achieved for all infrared conferencing capabilities for centralized control.

Номер продукта:RX-M1016XP


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  • Ø Adopt Restmoment full digital infrared conference technology, compliant to IEC61603-7, IEC 60065 and IEC 60914 international standard.

    Ø 2.8 inch LCD screen and panel navigation keyboard, could setup menu

    Ø Adopt 2-8MHz, Infrared receiver will not be disturbed by high frequency driving light source

    Ø Compatible with the infrared simultaneous interpretation system which is compliant to IEC61603-7

    Ø 16CH audio channels.

    Ø Adopt DQPSK modulation technique. It has high spectrum efficiency, good spectrum characteristic, strong anti fading and the available non coherent adjustment.

    Ø System has combination function. 2 PCS x N channel infrared controllers can be combined to a 2N channel system.

    Ø Cable transmission time delay compensation function to make sure the signals’ synchronous superosition.

    Ø Support “PnP” function to make sure system’s safety and stability.

    Ø Can adjust input sensitivity of each channel and adjust input level accurately.

    Ø New digital lock function, totally stop outside disturbing and wiretapping.

    Ø Perfect sound quality. Frequency response is 30Hz –20KHz. SNR is over 100dB.

    Ø Support paralleling or series radiators simultaneously.

    Ø 6 channels high frequency output connectors (BNC), which is used to connect infrared radiator.

    Ø Many work modes, suitable for different situation.
        Conference mode: receivers could receive independence channel signal.
        Emergency mode: all receivers could receive exterior alarm signal.
        Free mode: all receivers could receive exterior music signal.

    Ø Has fire alarm interface. Once there is a signal from fire control center, system will stop the session immediately and play presetted alarm signal to infrared receivers automatically.

    Ø Play music to all channels in Free mode between sessions.

    Ø Suitable for small/ middle/huge international conference halls or outer door hall.

    Ø Adopt aluminum alloy body which has ROHS certification.

    Ø 2U international standard design, could be put in 19 inch rack cabinet.

    Ø Built-in international standard power and voltage regulation system.

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    • Full digital infrared language distribution system-Full digital 16-channel infrared transmitter host
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    16 CH

    Modulation mode

    DQPSK compliant to IEC61603-7

    Carrier frequency


    Audio processing


    Frequency respond





    >100 dB

    Working Voltage


    Input lever

    2V p-p

    Output impedance

    75 Ohm

    Conference audio input

    RCA Socket ×16

    Emergency Audio Input

    RCA Socket×2

    Free Audio Input

    RCA Socket ×2

    Digital signal output

    BNC Socket ×6

    LCD Display

    2.8 inch display

    Display menu



    Dark Grey


    432L×90H×350W mm 




    19 inch rack cabinet.

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