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Full digital infrared receiver unit Infrared Receiver RX-E2004XP

Full digital infrared receiving unit can receive 4 languages; It can be powered by AA battery or rechargeable lithium battery pack; It has channel selection, volume adjustment and power control switch. It can compatible with the infrared simultaneous interpretation system and conforming to IEC 61603-7 standard, which can cross use.

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  • Ø Steamline design, accord with clay engineering

    Ø Adopt Restmoment full digital infrared conference technology, compliant to IEC61603-7 and IEC 60914 international standard

    Ø Compatible with the infrared simultaneous interpretation system which is compliant to IEC61603-7

    Ø New digital lock function, totally stop outside disturbing and wiretapping.

    Ø Adopt 2-8MHz, Infrared receiver will not be disturbed by high frequency driving light source

    Ø 4CH audio channels

    Ø Flexible channel allocation and channel quality mode.

    Ø Once disconnect the earphone and press the power on, LCD will display the last channel number and current battery volumn.

    Ø LCD display, can display channel number, signal intensity ,sound volume and battery power.

    Ø LCD screen has back ground light to show information in dark hall.

    Ø Channel quantity is synchronized same as working channel quantity.

    Ø If the signal is low, it also can receive high quality audio signal.

    Ø It can adjust the volume individually and has 270° reception angle.

    Ø Low power alert function.

    Ø Adopt high capacity rechargeable lithium battery. It will have no power consumption under power off or disconnecting earphone.

    Ø In the district of infrared signal, quantity of receivers is unlimited.

    Ø Participants can walk freely in the radiator range.

    Ø Channel Resolution and SNR reach to 102dB; It can perfectly resolve crosstalk and noise ect normal problems. Working with mute function (It will mute automatically, when signal too lower, have no noise), listeners have comfortable, natural and high quality audio finishing

    Ø Receivers have guard function, built-out guard advice equipment.

    Ø Two hanging methods (sling type and clip type), can be placed on the top pocket or hung on the chest, even on the table.

    Ø Low consumption. It can continuously work over 50 hours with Restmoment lithium battery. It also can use ordinary alkaline battery.

    Ø A charge box can accommodate 36 / 72 /108 receivers. Convenient to transport and carry.

    Ø This system can work outdoor under sunshine.

    Ø 3.5mm stereo earphone output

    Ø Can work with anti-theft detection machines

    Ø With checking mode, easy to detect the coverage of infrared radiator

    Ø Dimension(LX WX H): 153x 48x 23mm

    Ø Color: black, grey

    Ø Weight: 0.1kg

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    • RX-E2004XP
  • Parameter\mode



    4 CH

    Modulation mode

    DQPSK compliant to IEC61603-7

    Carrier frequency


    Audio processing



    < 0.2%

    Output impedance



    > 102 dB

    Working Voltage


    Earphone Load

    320hm 250mW

    Earphone Output

    3.5mm Socket X1


    Plug earphone and press “ON/OFF” key


    Disconnect the earphone/no signal shut off automatically/press ON/OFF 2 seconds

    OFF delay

    Disconnect the earphone in 0 second/no signal about 2 minutes


    Lithium battery or Alkaline battery

    Battery life

    50 hours

    LCD Display

    channel, signal, power weak reminder






    Black, grey

  • Full digital infrared receiver unit Infrared Receiver RX-E2004XP





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