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Wireless voting system-Full digital wireless 3 keys voting RX-D2813

Wireless voting main unit is the core component of ADCS system. It’s the important intercommunication factor of voting transceiver、vote unit and software. Can control all of the vote function via the navigation keyboard of the panel, and LCD.

Номер продукта:RX-D2813


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  • Ø Appearance is refinement、elegance, complying with human engineering

    Ø 160*128 color TFT LCD

    Ø 2.4G digital radio frequency communication technique, multilevel error correction and encrypted coding, has high confidentiality and low error rate

    Ø Voting unit and main unit adopt of bidirectional status mechanism, date is dependable

    Ø Electronic components SMD, aseismatic standard : 1.5M free fall shake.

    Ø Date transmission speed reach 10MBPS. Operation more fast and stable

    Ø Adopt of PHSS technology, anti-jamming is strong, and secret is highly

    Ø Every voting unit have only IP address code

    Ø Install 4PCS AAAbatteries, low power, batteries life time more than 30 H.

    Ø LCD could show system operation state.

    Ø Simple operation. Pressing one key can sign-in and voting

    Ø Keys have difference color.

    Ø Cooperate with software, implement function as below:

       ● System test function, can check every unit status, locate fault unit accurately.

       ● System repaired function. When system make a mistake, can recover original setting via system reposition function.

          Voting function:
           ※ Parliamentary:agree/oppose/abst

           ※ Multi choice: Alternative, Three selected, Three II                       
           ※ Voting result could show not press-key person amount and absent person amount.
           ※ All the unit’s vote could be setup value. 
           ※ Nominative and secret sign-in optional
           ※ Nominative and secret ballot optional.
           ※ Vote and sign-in count down time could set.

       ● Voting and sign-in results can be displayed within seconds. And automatically stored into database
           ※ Voting result can’t be edited, but one proposal can make many times voting.
           ※ Clear result display methods( histogram/pie/text)
           ※ All data can be printed out in diagram/text

    Ø Dimension: 145x65x23mm

    Ø Color: grey-blue

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    • Wireless voting system-Full digital wireless 3 keys voting
  • Mode

    RX-D2813 series 

    Channel quantity


    Work frequency


    Modulation mode


    Frequency stabilization


    Max Power

    +2dBm, +8dBm, +14dBm, +20dBm


    -96dBm @ 250Kbit/s

    Max communication rate


    Work volt

    4-6 V

    Power off leakage current


    Work time

    30 H

    Temperature range

    -10 ~ +60°C

    Low batteries warning

    Built in


    145 × 65 × 23 mm




    Dark-blue, gray, black

  • Wireless voting system-Full digital wireless 3 keys voting RX-D2813





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