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Table-top paperless conference unit RX-Z6202D

Adopt full digital conference technology, comply with IEC60065 international standard. Dual screen design; Adopts 15.6-inch 1920*1080 internal screen and 10.1-inch 1280*800 HD LCD external touch screen; Supporting HDMI signal

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  • Ø  Dual screen design; Equipped with 15.6-inch 1920*1080 internal screen and 10.1-inch 1280*800 HD LCD external touch screen; Supporting HDMI signal

    Ø  IPS full viewing angle display

    Ø  Aeronautical aluminium material; CNC precision carving processing.

    Ø  Has five microphone working modes

    Ø  Cross-platform usage. The core software platform is developed based on Java. It adopts B/S architecture, and fully supports cross-platform deployment of Windows, Linux and other systems

    Ø  Intelligent terminal: The system has the function of intelligent equipment management. All equipment in the system supports intelligent scanning, automatic registration, batch remote online upgrade, and flexible configuration and group management.

    Conference room simulation visualization: The conference layout can be customized. When establishing a meeting, you can edit and set the terminal arrangement position and personnel seating. The conference terminal has a flat simulation diagram to visualize the participants’ seat, sign-in situation, etc

    Ø  Template interface customization: welcome interface of conference terminal, name display and conference information display screen can be customized for layout, content, background, etc.. And each conference can have its own interface.

    Ø  Multi system integration application: support integration application with large screen distributed system and multimedia information publishing system, access external RTSP signal, and support docking application with third-party system.

    Ø  Conference agenda memory: when system exits unexpectedly (such as network interruption or unexpected power failure), the system can automatically restore the meeting status before exiting after restarting. And it automatically load annotated files or electronic whiteboard, meeting records and other information.

    Ø  High definition processing of conference documents: the system supports HD image slicing processing technology for document pages. And it can slice conference documents in word, PPT, Excel, PDF and other formats in HD. The terminal does not need to pre install relevant software. It supports file quick browsing, navigation, page turning, zooming in, zooming out, dragging, rotating, vectorizing annotation, on-screen and on-screen functions.

    Ø  Convenient meeting record: convenient scene type meeting record function, which can record meeting information by topic and speaker. The meeting record can automatically generate template meeting documents.

    Ø  Group discussion in the meeting: during the meeting, the data on the same screen and the interactive electronic whiteboard can be exchanged or shared with the designated terminal to achieve the purpose of group discussion.

    Ø  Multimedia distributed docking: realize the screen casting action of local signal and external signal. It can support max 4 channels of paperless terminal signal source to cast at the same time.

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