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Programable Control System Controller RX-M8900S

RX-M8900S also compatible with IOS (IPad / iphone), android , (the traditional RF touch) network control host, support network cascade, intelligent control network, and is fully compatible with conventional control methods in the control program , Luxurious and beautiful appearance, The product debut will be a new generation of intelligent control host representatives,lead the development trend in the control areas。

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  • Ø Adopt Restmoment open programmable control platform. It has humanized Chinese/English operation interface and interactive control structure

    Ø Fully support remote network control, built-in network interface, support network cascade, support ipad/iphone handheld terminal, communicate with the controller through wifi

    Ø Human-machine interface programming is fully compatible with traditional touch-screen programming methods

    Ø Using the latest 32-bit embedded processor. The processing frequency is 667MHz

    Ø Adopts highly integrated co-processing chips. And the LAY OUT makes the system run very stable and smooth

    Ø Built-in 512MB memory and 2G large-capacity FLASH memory

    Ø 8 independent programmable RS-232 control interfaces. It can send and receive RS232, RS485, RS422 format data

    Ø 8 independent programmable IR infrared emission ports. The infrared emission ports can be used as serial ports, making the total number of programmable ports reach 16pcs

    Ø 8 digital I/0 input and output control ports with protection circuit

    Ø 8-way weak current relay control interface

    Ø 2 NET network control interfaces. It can connect max 256 network devices in parallel

    Ø Any control protocol or control code that can be programmed by the user

    Ø Built-in intelligent infrared learning function module. It can send two codes with one key

    Ø Support hardware learning infrared function. User can easily replace infrared devices on site without reprogramming

    Ø The infrared code library can be downloaded from the Internet

    Ø Adopt SMT full-chip production process

    Ø Full standard environmental protection power supply (110V-240V), suitable for any area

    Ø Adopt aluminum alloy body, use non-hazardous material materials, and pass ROHS environmental protection certification

    Ø Using a standard 1U chassis, it can be installed on a 19-inch standard cabinet

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    • Programable Control System Controller RX-M8900S
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    32-bit ARM microprocessor 


    up to 667MHz

    Standard memory 512M SDRAM, 2G FLASH
    Expanded memory Can expanded to4GB

    COM Port

    8 DB9/M port,bidirectional transmission RS232, RS485 and RS422 signals

    IR port

    8 terminal modules, 16PIN output pin headers

    Input I / O ports

    8 terminal modules, 9PIN output pin headers, has protection circuit, supports digital input signal 0-5V

    NET Port

    2 terminal module, 4PIN pin headers, supports NET control bus, provides DC24V/1A output power

    Network extension interface One RJ11 6PIN interface for expansion card

    Weak relay ports

    8 terminal modules, 16PIN output pin header, normally open independent circuit breaker, rated 1A/5V DC

    Upload program interface

    1 DB9 female port (rear panel)

    Power AC100-240V adaptive power supply


    432L X 236W X 45H(mm) 



  • Programable Control System Controller RX-M8900S





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