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Programmable central controller-Programable Control System Host Computer RX-M8000S

It is configured with a frequency up to 533MHZ 32bit embedded processor, built-in 8M memory and 16M memory FLASH, high speed computing complex logic instructions; provides a field-programmable configuration mode。

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  • Ø Programmable control platform, English programmable interface to select, interactive control structure;

    Ø Using the latest 32-bit embedded processor, processing speed up to 667MHZ;

    Ø Extensive use of highly integrated coprocessor chip, elegant LAY OUT let the system run very stable, smooth;

    Ø Host 512MB RAM and 2G of built-in large capacity FLASH memory;

    Ø Exclusive introducing power line carrier communication function, so that the grid is located 300 m range without wiring to control (optional);

    Ø 8 channel independent programmable RS232 control interface, you can send and receive RS232, RS485, RS422 format data and with transparent data transmission channel function;

    Ø 2 RX-NET network control interface, the largest network devices can be accessed by 256;

    Ø 8 channel independent programmable IR infrared transmitter port;

    Ø 8-channel digital I/0 port input and output control, with protective circuit;

    Ø 8 way weak relay control interface;

    Ø Embedded Intelligent IR learning module, no configuration professional learner;

    Ø Scalable hard to learn IR function to facilitate the customer site replacement infrared device without re-programming;

    Ø Can be obtained from the Internet to download a variety of commonly used electrical equipment IR code library;

    Ø Fully supports remote network control, scalable network;

    Ø Front & Rear Panels with system software transmission interface, front panel with system hardware reset function;

    Ø Supports dual code control, ie a button sent two kinds of code;

    Ø Uses the international popular full-SMD (SMT) production process;

    Ø Using aluminum body, built-in anti-static treatment, anti-static 8000V;

    Ø System through the ISO9001: 2000 certification, and through ROHS, CE, FCC, CCC certification;

    Ø 1U international standard design, can be installed in 19-inch rack;

    Ø Internal universal power supply and regulation system to ensure safe use under unstable voltage conditions;

    Ø With programmable control management software, for more value-added features, easier to operate and more efficient. 

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    • Programmable central controller-Programable Control System Host Computer
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    32-bit ARM microprocessor 


    up to 667MIPS 

    COM Port

    8 DB9/M port,bidirectional transmission RS232, RS485 and RS422 signals 

    IR port

     8 Phoenixplug port 

    Input I / O ports

    8 terminal with protection circuit, supports digital input signal 0-5V 

    RX-NET Port

    2 terminal module, supports RX-NET control bus   

    Weak relay ports

    8 terminals, normally open relay independently rated 1A/5V digital input signal  

    Power Line Carrier ports

    1 DB9 / F port, power line carrier communication status can be monitored. Power line carrier without any interface to control 


    Metal chassis, rack-mountable. 

    Power Specifications

    Wide voltage universal power(110V - 240V) 


    Control System Builder,English and Chinese interface 


    432L X 236W X 45H(mm) 



  • Programmable central controller-Programable Control System Host Computer





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