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HD mixing matrix- HD matrix switcher RX-MDN

HD intelligent matrix, She compatibles with the analog signal and digital signal input, and supports a variety of signal format, and covers the main type of signal, suitable for the place which analog and digital signals coexist. have the function of programmable central control after only add a control card, to fully support the ipad, iphone, android, etc. controlling terminal, and greatly reduce the cost. She brings together many exclusive technology: extensible control function, powerful programmable central control ability; HDMI input audio ring out, the output audio separation technology; Support for handheld terminal control technology of ios, android.

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  • Ø Adopt Restmoment open control platform, which has humanized Chinese and English operation interface. It has interactive control structure.

    Ø Support remote network control matrix switching, RS232 switching and panel switching functions.

    Ø With power-off memory function and on-site memory function, with power-off on-site protection function, and can save and recall 18 switching states

    Ø Card inserting structure: Input signal supports AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI. Output signal supports HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, AV card. It is easy to extend or replace.

    Ø Each board has 4 channels. Users can insert different formats input and output boards as required.

    Ø Fully support seamless switching; full color processing without any color missing.

    Ø Support frame rate adaptation (such as input 25 frames and output 60 frames). It has built-in image scaling engine, which can converse from input scaling to output with arbitrary resolution.

    Ø DVI, VGA, SDI, AV input supports analog audio input mixing; HDMI input supports analog audio/ digital audio selection mixing; When the mixed signal is switched, it supports embedded audio output(HDMI), or video and audio separation output(DVI, VGA, SDI etc)

    Ø Light button design. Luxurious silica gel button with light indicator function. The button backlight can get the current switching information directly. The operation is very convenient.

    Ø Support various input resolutions: 800x 600@60, 1280 x 1024@60, 1360 x 768@60, 1366 x 768@60, 1440 x 900@60, 1440 x 1050@60, 1680 x 1050@60, 1920 x 1080@60, 1920 x 1200@60, 1080Pi@30

    Ø Support 3D, HDMI 1.4 (part), HDCP and DVI 1.0 protocol. Support high color depth and high rate 3.25Gbps.

    Ø Indicator light has low light, flash and high light indicator. We can see that the single input or output is ready/ no signal/ the signal connected from the indicator lights.

    Ø The input has automatic equalization function, which effectively reduces the deterministic jitter (ISI) caused by line transmission.

    Ø The input supports receiving delay.

    Ø The output has a pre-load function, so that the receiving terminal still can receive the signal after long-term transmission.

    Ø Low power consumption design. It can support 7X24 hours continuous work without harsh heat dissipation conditions

    Ø 32 channels and above matrix has redundant dual power supply design. Once a power module fails, the other one will replace it immediately to make sure it work properly.

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    • HD mixing matrix- HD matrix switcher
  •  Model RX-MDN08  RX-MDN16  RX-MDN32 RX-MDN72
     Input slot  4  8  18
     Output slot 2  4  8  18
     Card channel 4  4  4  4

    Support 3D/ HDCP1.4 protocol/ HDCP protocol; Compatible with DVI1.0 protocol 


     0 dB
    Pixel bandwidth

    Full digital 225MHz 

    Interface bandwidth Full digital ,3.25Gbps
    Max support resolution Normal-PC 1600x1200@60_24bit
     HDPC 1920x1200P@ 60_24bit
     HDTV 1920x1080P@60_36bit
    Clock Jitter <0.15 Tbit
    Rise time <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)
    Fall time <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)
    Signal type HDMI-A Full digital T.M.D.S signal of HDMI 1.4
      Video input 
    Connector RCA、HD15/F、HDMI/F、BNC、DVI-D、RJ45, 3.5 stereo audio interface
    Signal strength T.M.D.S. ±0.4Vpp
    Max/min level T.M.D.S. 2.9V/3.3V
    Input EDID EDID
    Impedance Video、RGB 75Ω;H/V 510Ω; T.M.D.S.difference 100Ω
    Max compensation in Dc offset 15mV
      Video output 
    Connector RCA、HD15/F、HDMI/F、DVI-D、BNC
    Max/min level T.M.D.S. 2.9V/3.3V
    Impedance Video 75Ω;H/V 510Ω; T.M.D.S. difference 100Ω
    (L×W×H mm
     432×245×90 432×245×135  432×245×225  432×245×495 
     Height 2U  3U  5U  11U 
    Power  Max 100W   Max 150W  200W 500W 
     Power supply AC100-240V





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